Teaching Hope

How we're teaching hope.

Teaching hope is about breaking the cycle of pain in the lives of children, so that they can find healing and a healthy relationship with a loving God.

We see so much hopelessness that comes from children seeing themselves as failures in school, and then going home to little support and encouragement. We believe we can break this cycle of pain by leveraging an early childhood education in a loving environment that will give children a better grasp of the English language.

In South Africa, the learning medium in public education is English. However, most children do not hear English spoken at home, so if we can give them a foundation in English at a young age, this will give them a better foundation for the rest of their academic experience.  

Experts in Early Childhood Development maintain there is wiring in the brain that takes place at an early age which lays the foundation for later learning skills. Many children grow up without adult interaction and do not develop that wiring. We not only provide education, but a loving, interactive environment, where children can develop those key brain connections.

By teaching hope, we believe, with God’s grace, children will develop into their full potential, not only in their education, but in discovering their own unique God given gifts. In this way they will discover the joy of living a life of love and purpose in God’s kingdom.  At Roadworks, this is our service of love to the children we teach.